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Day 4, Covenant Footsteps Israel Tour 2019

Nazareth, Mount Arbel, Tiberias

Mount Precipice

This morning, we will make our way to Mount Precipice, the rocky cliffs on the edge of Nazareth.  Here, an angry mob attempted to throw Yeshua off after His bold proclamation in the synagogue.

Nazareth Village

Leaving the cliffs, we travel to  Nazareth Village for first century hospitality in a setting which takes us back to the days of Yeshua.  The village is built around Israel’s best-preserved first century wine press.  We will step through a stone doorway to see flocks, storage rooms, pottery, tools, an operating oil press, and a synagogue. 

Nazareth Shuk

We will stop at the local market or shuk for lunch spots and  incredible buys. 

Mount Arbel

At Mount Arbel, we experience a breathtaking panorama of the Sea of Galilee and the Valley of the Doves below.  We will learn how Arbel functioned as a refuge for Yeshuite priests, and re-enact Yeshuaʼs Sermon on the Mount near the location where He gave it.

Magdala Excavations

We will explore the newly-opened Magdala Excavations in the first century village of Mary Magdalene.  Archaeologists unearthed thousands of first century coins here – one dating to the year 29.  They uncovered a Roman sword in its sheath, a stone street, and a synagogue with a table depicting the Temple.   We will view their findings and the large paintings inside the worship chapels.  

Poriya Illit

We will journey to the Switzerland Forest high on Poriya Illit, for a breathtaking view of the Sea of the Galilee and Tiberias.  Here, we will study the story of the loaves and the fishes.  

Upon departure, we check into the Leonardo Club for three nights in Tiberias.   After  dinner,  anyone who wishes to venture out may walk the city streets and shop on the promenade.