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Day 5, Covenant Footsteps Israel Tour 2019

Sea of Galilee Boat Tour

Our first stop brings us to the Sea of Galilee for a cruise on a wooden boat.  In an unforgettable spiritual experience, we will take time for praise and worship on the boat, and envision what it was like for Yeshua to walk on these waters.     


Next, our group enters Capernaum on the banks of lake.  Capernaum was an international city in Yeshua’s day and the center of His teachings and miracles.  Of particular interest is the synagogue where Yeshua taught, including His famed lecture on the Bread of Life.  After a teaching, we will pray next to the water.

Korazim / Chorazin

We will travel to Korazim and linger at the thorny tree whose painful branches were woven into Yeshua’s Crown of Thorns.  This black basalt village has a public square, houses, buildings, a ritual bath (mikveh), plus a synagogue with stone carvings and a Seat of Moses.


Amidst a dense pine forest in Safed, we will savor a blend of ancient grandeur and modern art.  We visit centuries-old synagogues with ornate carvings, murals, and a rare gift shop.  We discover an array of galleries, a unique candle shop, and Yemenite pizza.    


Yardenit, the popular baptismal site on the Jordan River at the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee, is available for those who wish to immerse there.  Yeshua immersed in the Jordan River near Jericho.  But, many believers consider it an honor to be baptized at Yardenit, the “Little Jordan.”  Towels and robes are available to rent.  

An evening teaching by Valerie Moody will follow dinner.