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Covenant Footsteps Israel Tour 2019

A Prophetic Journey in the fourth year of the Jubilee count!

March 23 to April 5, 2019 – $3,950 from New York

Covenant Footsteps offers a rich and meaningful journey to Israel.  No other tour we know of combines this level of instruction, biblical enrichment, and profound, inspiring encounters in the land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  We will walk together through the sacred spaces frequented by Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew), Rabbi Paul, and the prophets.   

We begin with unexpected beauty at Israel’s northern border and journey to the faith-maturing majesty of the Judean wilderness.  We travel highways which Bible characters knew.  We reach Jerusalem by the Sabbath day.  Here we symbolically train for the coming Jubilee Year, and for the Ultimate Sabbath – which is the Messianic Age when Yeshua reigns on earth.  

Sites we will visit

Caesarea  •  Mediterranean Sea  •  Haifa  • Mount Carmel 

Mount Precipice  •  Nazareth  •  Mount Arbel

Magdala Excavations  •  Switzerland Forest in Poriya Illit

Sea of Galilee  •  Capernaum  •  Chorazim  •  Safed

Tel Dan •  Caesarea Philippi  •  Mount Bental

Valley of Tears  •  Katzrin  • Yardenit

Beit Shean  •  Mount Gilboa  •  Gideon’s Spring

Jerusalem • Western Wall  •  Old City  •  Zion Gate

Hurva Synagogue  •  Nehemiah’s Wall  •  Caiaphas’ House

Pilate’s Judgment Hall  •  Pool of Beit Zaida  •  Lion’s Gate

Kidron Valley  •  Garden of Gethsemane  •  Red Heifer Site

Mount of Olives  •  Knesset  •  Beit El  •  Shiloh  •  Shechem

Mount Gerizim  •  Western Wall Tunnels  •  City of David

Hezekiah’s Tunnel  •  Temple Mount Ascent

Davidson Archaeology Center  •  Ophel  •   Southern Steps

Israel Museum  •  Masada  •  Ein Gedi  •  Qumran  •  Dead Sea

Temple Mount  •  Temple Institute  •  Emmaus

The Journey Begins

Our journey begins at the JFK International Airport.  Please arrive at least three hours before boarding time.  Two delicious meals will be served during the flight.  It is touching to see the Orthodox Jewish men don their tefillin (prayer straps) and talits (prayer shawls) at sunrise and pray morning prayers on the plane.