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Day 6, Covenant Footsteps Israel Tour 2019

Golan Heights

Tel Dan

Our group will walk the gorgeous trails of Tel Dan, beside the rushing Chatzbani River.  The lush paradise of Dan is remarkable, especially considering its idolatry.  King Jeroboam set up a pagan altar here, and enshrined a golden calf for the Northern Tribes to worship.  Following a powerful teaching, we will spend time in prayer and repentance.

Caesarea Philippi

A few miles east of Dan is Caesarea Philippi.  We will see the ruins of Herod Philip’s palace, surrounding buildings, a Roman road, and a temple complex – including the Cave of Pan which Yeshua called “the gates of hades.”  The transfiguration occurred nearby, as well as many famous gospel proclamations.

Mount Bental

Our group will search the deserted army bunkers and trenches at Mount Bental, which were left after the 1973 Yom Kippur War.  For food, drinks, and respite from the wind, we can go Kofi Anan, the Coffee in the Clouds cafe, right next to the gift shop.  

Valley of Tears

Below Mount Bental lies the Valley of Tears named for the field once strewn with burning tanks.  At the El-Rom Kibbutz, we will watch a documentary film about the Yom Kippur War and hear the emotional firsthand accounts of tank commanders who fought in the war.            


Our next stop is Katzrin, a Talmudic-era village dating back to the fourth century.  We will tour the olive oil factory, learn about  olive harvesting, and taste the local extra virgin olive oil.  We can also sample the olive oil hand scrub and other skin care products.