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Day 8, Covenant Footsteps Israel Tour 2019

Sabbath in Jerusalem

We will awaken in Jerusalem where Sabbath is observed to the fullest.  The air is calmer.  Shops are closed.  Streets are empty, except for families walking to synagogue.  After breakfast, we will wander toward the Old City and join a local Messianic congregation for the Sabbath service.  We will return to our hotel for an afternoon Sabbath rest.  

At sunset, Sabbath ends and the nightlife begins in the Ben Yehuda shopping district.  Shops are opening their doors, musicians and street performers are gathering, hundreds of people are mingling, and Moshiko’s is serving fresh, hot falafel.  Nearby is the Machane Yehuda Market.  This loud and bustling maze of shops is lined with eclectic foods, colorful spices, china, religious books and clothing, and an array of bars.  It is one of the city’s most buzzing nightspots, full of live music and young people.