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Day 9, Covenant Footstep Israel Tour 2019

Jerusalem’s String of Pearls

Old City

Jerusalem’s intriguing history is best experienced on foot.  After arriving by bus, we will walk the ancient cobblestones and narrow alleyways to stop at the Zion Gate, Hurva Synagogue, Nehemiah’s Wall, the Cardo, Wohl Yeshiva, and Caiaphas’ House.  After grabbing lunch, we will proceed to Pilate’s Judgment Hall.

Pilate’s Judgment Hall

At the site of Pilate’s Judgment Hall, we will see the stark courtyard of the Antonia Fortress where  Roman soldiers beat Yeshua mercilessly.  Then, they played their Basalinda game and crowned Him with thorns.  

Pool of Beit Zaida (Bethesda)

We will go to the Pool of Beit Zaida (Bethesda) to see where the angel stirred the waters and Yeshua healed the lame man.  We will depart the Old City through the Lion’s Gate and head into the Kidron Valley.

Kidron Valley

In the Kidron Valley, our group will stroll past the meeting place of Melchizedek and Abraham.  We will visit the Tomb of Absalom, the Cave of Jehoshaphat, the tomb of the Hezir priestly family, and the Tomb of Zechariah.    

Garden of Gethsemane    

We will cross the Kidron Valley to reach the Garden of Gethsemane.  After  surveying  2,000 year old  olive trees, we retreat to a quiet garden for teaching, prayer, and re-dedication under a talit.

Red Heifer Site, the Miphtakh    

Leaving Gethsemane, we will continue to the site where the priests sacrificed and burned the Red Heifer to produce the Ashes of Purification.

Mount of Olives

From the Red Heifer site, our bus will take us to the top of the Mount of Olives for a teaching.  We will take in a panoramic view of Jerusalem, and Bethlehem in the distance. 

Golden Menorah        

An evening teaching will follow dinner at the hotel.  From the teaching, we will go to the Old City to view the Golden Menorah at night, and pray at the Western Wall.