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Day 11, Covenant Footsteps Israel Tour 2019

City of David, First and Second Temples

 City of David  

By gazing from the City of David to the Kidron Valley this morning, we will see where Abraham met Melchizedek.  A 3-D film presentation will explain how the Jebusite fortress became Israel’s eternal capital.  Then, it’s on to a view of the impressive foundation of David’s palace.

Hezekiah’s Tunnel     

Underground in the City of David, we will weave our way through King Hezekiah’s ancient water tunnel.  The tunnel will take us to the Shiloah Pool.  A dry Canaanite tunnel is available for those who do not wish to wade through water. 

Pool of Siloam

We will gather at the Pool of Shiloah (Siloam) where the High Priest drew water for the Temple altar and Yeshua healed a man born blind. 

Temple Mount Ascent

Our group will enter the Temple Mount Ascent upon leaving the Pool of Shiloah.  We will walk up the steps ascended by the pilgrims who immersed at Siloam before worshiping at the Temple.  

Davidson Archaeology Center / Ophel

Our next stop is the Davidson Archaeology Center.  We will visit the museum and view a computer animation of what it was like to visit the Temple.  We will walk on the first century street where Yeshua and other worshipers walked.  We will stand inside the ancient merchant alcoves, and  descend into a dry stone mikveh – perhaps used by some of the 3,000 new believers who immersed after Peter preached.

Southern Steps

Before leaving the archaeology area, we will proceed to the Southern Steps for a grand declaration.  Ascending step-by-step, we will recite the Psalms of Ascent while going up to the Hulda Gates.  The wide platform at the top of the steps is very likely the place where Peter gave his public address on Shavuot (Pentecost).

Israel Museum

On Tuesday evening, we offer an optional tour to the world renowned Israel Museum.