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Day 12, Covenant Footsteps Israel Tour 2019

Judean Wilderness


After breakfast, our group will ride the cable car to Herod’s legendary Masada fortress.  We will witness remarkable palaces, pavements, Roman baths, storehouses, a dining room, swimming pool, and a synagogue.  The provisions Herod left behind supplied the Zealots who opposed the Romans in the revolt. 

Ein Gedi    

Leaving Masada, we will explore beautiful Ein Gedi, the desert oasis and waterfall where David hid from King Saul.  Our group will examine the ancient Ein Gedi synagogue where a warning is embedded in its mosaic tile floor.


We will stop at Qumran on the northwest shores of the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea Scrolls awaited discovery at just this spot for almost twenty centuries.  We will study the caves which held the scrolls, as well as the ruins of the Essene community which lived here in simplicity, modesty, and piety.      

Dead Sea

After Qumran, we will have time for a relaxing float in the therapeutic Dead Sea.  The water and the medicinal mud are widely held to be beneficial and healing.  We depart the Dead Sea, the lowest elevation on earth, and return to the highest spot on the earth – spiritually speaking – the city of Jerusalem.