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Day 13, Covenant Footsteps Israel Tour 2019

Temple Mount, Temple Institute, Old City

Temple Mount 

We begin our last morning in Jerusalem at the enormous Temple Mount, also known as Mount Moriah and the holiest place on earth.  It is here that the first two Temples, with the Holy of Holies, were built.  We will ascend the Temple platform, inspect Solomon’s Portico, and explore the Eastern Gate.

Temple Institute  

We will enter the Old City to tour the Temple Institute.  We will examine more than seventy re-created Temple vessels, including the Menorah, Table of Showbread, Altar of Incense, brass laver, and Levitical musical instruments made according to biblical descriptions.  We will also see the priestly garments and the High Priest’s crown, ephod, and breastplate.

We are free to eat lunch in the Old City and to shop.  We encourage everyone to linger in front of the Hurva synagogue long enough to spot the Bar Mitzvah boys parading Torah scrolls through the plaza, followed by their families.


Before we board our flight for home, we will dine at the unforgettable Emmaus (Abu Gosh) and re-enact Yeshua’s resurrection walk with two disciples.