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Noah's Dove and Messiah?

During the month of Elul millennia ago, Noah released the dove from the ark for the third time.  

Scripture tells us that the dove did not return to Noah.  For centuries, Hebrew teachers in ancient Israel discussed the reason why.  They finally suggested that the dove which Noah released found its way to heaven.  There, it waited for a door to open.  At just the right moment, out from a heavenly door would come the dove from Noah’s Ark.  It would carry a crown in its beak, and place the crown upon the head of King Messiah.  Or, so the story goes. 

Without even realizing it, ancient Hebrew writings are confirming a truth about the baptism or immersion of Jesus (Yeshua). 

In Matthew 3, Yeshua traveled all the way from the Galilee to the Jordan River.  He went to the spot where the Children of Israel had crossed into the Promised Land.  It took many days to reach the site.  But, this was the place where John was preaching about repentance, and encouraging people to immerse in water for a fresh, new start with God. 

When Yeshua came up from His mikveh or baptism in Matthew 3:16, the Holy Spirit alighted on Him in the form of a dove.  Was it the dove from Noah’s Ark, which had been waiting in heaven for the door to open?  We cannot know.  But, we do know that Yeshua came up out of the water as King Messiah.

Published October 4, 2016