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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

Breaking Through a Wall

Yochanan the Immerser was an odd character.  He dwelled in the rocky desert of Judea, his appearance strikingly abrupt.  His raiment came from camel’s wool.  His diet from food one could scavenge.  

John the Baptist was the first nevi (prophet) in 400 years.   Not since Malachi had there been one like him.  He was of the priestly order.  One Jewish writer referred to him as John the High Priest (Tzemach David, published 1592).  From the days when this spokesman for the Almighty began to proclaim the kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven broke forth (Matthew 11:12).  It penetrated first century Israel in the same manner that a stone corral is breached.  

In the Ancient Near East, sheepfolds were raised from stacked stone.  Inside these rock fences, sheep were safe from predators.  The flock of a good shepherd spent its nights there.  But, in the morning, the shepherd broke through the stones.  He removed the rocky barrier.  He opened the corral to lead the sheep out.

Likewise, the Kingdom of the Messiah broke through a wall.  Worldly ways were rattled.  The corral of sin crumbled.  Yeshua's light arose.  His kingdom broke forth.    

Yeshua sent out His taught ones in Luke 9.  He instructed them to break through the stone wall of disbelief.  Trumpet the reign of Elohim, He told them.  Heal the sick.  Cast out demons.  Then announce, “The Kingdom of God has come near to you.”  The phrase karav elekha for “come near you” was a Hebrew idiom for intimacy and touch.  It meant that the Holy One was there.  The Divine Presence was overshadowing them.  The kingdom was breaking forth.  

We are a generation in peril.  Yet, you and I can choose the kingdom.  Witness kingdom power.  Pray kingdom prayers.  If we invite Yeshua into our space, this Shepherd will shatter the heart’s stony walls.  We will depart the carnal sheepfold to pursue the kingdom.

Published October 16, 2018