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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

Shining as Stars

Daniel 12:3 reveals, “Those who have insight will shine like the brightness of heaven’s dome, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever.” 

Believers with the knowledge are formed from dust.  They deserve judgment outside of a relationship with Yeshua.  Yet, they are rewarded with an almost indescribable glory.  They shine like stars.

Many people have sought stardom by placing themselves in the spotlight.  But, Daniel, the Jewish captive in the courts of Babylon, achieved stardom in a superior way.  When Daniel and his friends were captured by the ruthless Babylonians, it was unlikely they would be heard from again.  Yet, these godly young men soon distinguished themselves through the knowledge.

Nebuchadnezzar saw them as intelligent and trustworthy, especially after he dreamed a dream which his own wise men could neither visualize, nor interpret.  After a night of prayer with his friends, Daniel divinely received the content of the dream and its interpretation.  As a result, Nebuchadnezzar promoted him.  Daniel’s insight made him a shining star.  

If the story ended here, it would be remarkable enough.  But, there’s more.  Daniel’s influence in Babylon was the reason why the magi from the east recognized the sign of Messiah’s birth.  Daniel taught centuries earlier that a Redeemer would one day be born in Israel.  

Prompted by Daniel, the wise men pursued a celestial sign to a remote village in Judea.  There, they encountered the toddler Yeshua, worshiped Him, and returned to their country with the good news that heaven had visited earth.

People with the knowledge discern the oracles of the word.  They welcome the Messiah, embrace the covenants, and shine like the brightness of the firmament in the Olam Haba, the World to Come.

Published June 13, 2017