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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

The Riddle of a Psalm

Here is a riddle:  I am a short psalm, only seven verses long.  First equals last, second equals sixth, third equals fifth, yet all are connected to the fourth.  I reveal Elohim’s light, yet I myself am a source of Holy Light.  What am I?

One psalm cloaks a riddle.  A riddle is a word puzzle.  In Bible days, a word puzzle could entertain and regale the listeners.  It could test their wisdom and discernment.  A mystery like this operated on two levels — one straightforward and one hidden.  Riddles allowed the speaker to obscure valuable information from the undeserving.  Simultaneously, a mystery disclosed vital truth to the worthy.  It held a plain meaning  as well as an allegory.  The hidden meaning was fully understood only by those individuals with discernment. 

The psalm we are considering hides a mystery, a riddle.  The concealed pattern is only visible in Hebrew.  This psalm crushes dismal shadows by elevating the Creator’s light.  It draws attention to the Heavenly Source of light.  The words of the psalm declare the King in His luminous beauty.  They assert how He illuminates darkest night.  They command praise for His yeshuatecha, His salvation.  Praise for His guidance.  Praise for His righteous judgments.

Beyond the landmark of praise is a hidden message which is easily seen in Hebrew.  Study the excerpt below, and send me a note at to tell me what you see.  The answer to the psalm riddle will be disclosed next time!