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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

The Teacher and Rain

In Hebrew thinking, the Almighty’s oracles are regarded as a spring of water.  The Torah compares to water because both the Torah and rain descend from heaven (Exodus 31:18).  In fact, Moreh, the region where Abram stopped when he first entered the Promised Land, means both teacher and early rain!  

The early rains are the heavy, driving rains of autumn.  This rain pelts the ground after a hot and protracted summer.  Its hard drops break open the dry earth, tenderize it, and reinvigorate it.  The early rains prepare the soil to receive new seed and produce a new crop.  The Torah has a similar affect.  It tenderizes the heart of the dry person, and reinvigorates him to receive the instructions of the Almighty.  

Continuing with the metaphor of water for the Torah, Song of Songs 4:12 states that the spring is closed up and the fountain is sealed.  This does not indicate that His word has failed to water the earth.  Far from it!  It indicates that His word is complete.  

Scripture is sealed to preserve it from pollution and corruption.  There can be no modifications to canonized scripture.  The books are sealed against any changes or additions, in the same way that the angelic messenger instructed Daniel to seal up his book (Daniel 12:4). 

The Book of Daniel was available throughout the centuries for all to read.  But, its meaning was concealed.  The concealment is now ending because the time is drawing near. The divine secrets entrusted to Daniel are being unsealed for us

Published June 15, 2017