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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

Zealous for Zion

Adam was formed of the dust of Zion.  He was created from the dust where the Holy of Holies stood.  Later, the Father placed him in the garden east of Zion.  Cast from the garden, Adam returned to this location.  “He went and dwelt in Mount Moriah, to till the ground out of which he was created (Targum, Genesis 3:23).”

Tziyon (ציון), the Hebrew word for Zion, can be translated as “to mark” or “to emphasize.”  People who love scripture and obey the commandments are People of Zion.  They are threads in the tapestry of Zion.

Isaac was bound on the altar in Zion in Genesis 22.  Jacob was in Zion when he dreamed about the ladder stretching to heaven.    It is said that his pillow was a stone from the altar on which Isaac was bound (Pirke Avot, Rabbi Elazar 35).

Zion is Jerusalem, the mountain fortress which David conquered from the Jebusites in 2 Samuel 5:7.  On this mountain, David built his city.

Zion is Israel.  The Most High says in Jeremiah 3:14, “I will choose you, one from a town and two from a clan, and bring you to Zion.” 

Zion is the exalted site of the New Temple in Ezekiel’s vision.  Psalm 87:2 declares how much the Almighty loves its gates.  Zion is the epicenter of the earth, and the marked location of covenant.  

King Yeshua will be enthroned in Zion (Psalm 2:6, Jeremiah 3:17).  From Zion, His word goes forth.  Followers will say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD… that He may teach us His ways (Isaiah 2:3).”  May it be soon.

Published September 26, 2017