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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

A Taste of the Kingdom

Yeshua’s disciples engaged in an ambitious dispute concerning who would be greatest in the Master’s kingdom.  He had just told them He was going to be killed, and would resurrect on the third day.  They assumed that if Yeshua was going to die and resurrect, the Messianic Kingdom would soon begin.  They wanted positions of authority in His kingdom (Matthew 18:1-5).

Yeshua answered them with an illustration.  He called a little child to come and stand next to Him.  Then, He taught about the value of teshuvah, turning back to God in repentance, and about humility and modesty.  These lowly attributes were being modeled by the child.

Continuing the lesson, Yeshua applied the principle known as Midah KeNeged Midah or Measure for Measure.  The spiritual principle of Measure for Measure is based upon Exodus 22:22-24 and Matthew 7:2.  We experience the same hardships that we inflict upon others.  If we cause harm, we will be harmed.  On the other hand, if we bless and do good, we will be blessed.

In the case of the child standing beside Him, Yeshua said that He would be personally impacted by our interaction with the child.  Anyone who welcomed a child, or a young believer for that matter, welcomed Him.  Anyone who caused a child, or a young believer, to stumble in their trust of Him, injured Him.  

As we enter a new year on the biblical calendar and a new cycle of feast days, may we return to the position of the child standing beside the Messiah – listening, learning, and walking in humble obedience.

Published March 29, 2017