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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

A Walk in the Clouds

Everything about that night on the mountain was supernatural.  Yeshua’s appearance changed, and His clothing became radiant, as white as light (Matthew 17:2).  

He was transfigured.  Yeshua’s transfigured appearance was not a reflection of something external.  It was the Greek word metamorphoo, or metamorphosis.  This word referred to an external change which originated from inside.  The glory He radiated came from within Him as His essential nature was revealed.  

On the mountain, the fullness of His identity became evident.  This visible haze of brilliance was a prophetic revelation of His deity.  His veiled glory was unveiled to show His role in creation before the world came into being. 

Then, a bright cloud enwrapped Yeshua and everything on the mountain.  The luminous cloud was the same cloud which had permeated all of Israel’s history.  It was the cloud which surrounded Moses on Mount Sinai.  It was the Pillar of Cloud which led the Israelites through the desert.  It was the cloud which filled Solomon’s Temple.  Now, the cloud embraced Yeshua, the Living Temple, who was leading people on an exodus from death to life.

The Messiah could have easily gone the short distance from our World of Time, to the World Beyond Time.  At that very moment, He could have walked away from this world, and stepped into a heavenly realm.  It was in His power to leave.  But, He chose to stay, and descend from the mountain into the Valley of Human Need, setting His face steadfastly toward Jerusalem and, ultimately, His death.

Like Yeshua, we may be tempted to walk away from the difficulties ahead.  But, when we are fulfilling the Almighty’s will, we know exactly what to do.

Published May 4, 2017