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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

Animal, Mineral, Vegetable, and Speaker

A popular television game show in Britain was called Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?  The show ran from 1952 to 1959, and brought natural history experts, archeologists, and art historians into the spotlight.  The experts were asked to identify interesting objects or artifacts from museums, and classify them in the world of objects.

These three classifications are quite ancient.  But, in the world of Hebrew scholars, a fourth classification is known.  To the categories of animal, mineral, and vegetable, the rabbis add “speaker.”  Man, like God, is a speaker.  We are made in His image with a spark of the divine, and a measure of His dynamic speech.  We speak, and things happen – maybe not right away.  But, our words are potent, even when we whisper.

Our Creator wants us to speak with Him.  He enjoys us.  He loves the prayers we pray.  He loves to listen.  Because we embrace the God of scripture, it is our spiritual birthright to communicate with Him.  Many biblical prayers, 650 to be exact, are proof of this.  

King Solomon prayed in his majestic strength at the dedication of the Temple.  Hannah prayed in pitiable brokenness when she could not conceive a child.  They both prayed with great intent, and placed all their power in their words.  Therefore, the Almighty heard the prayers of both people and answered those prayers.  They each had a conversation with God in the same way they might talk with other people.

Why?  A secret of Kingdom prayer is that the Almighty is approachable.  He is not far from any of us.  He is nearby, waiting to share our deepest secrets, whether we come from a position of strength or weakness.  In every situation, let’s present our petitions to Him, with thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6).  Then, we can watch expectantly to see what He’s going to do.

Published January 18, 2017