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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

Black Fire, White Fire

Yeshua made it clear to His disciples that some of them would see His glory (Matthew 16:28).  In the next chapter, three of them did see Him transfigured in glory.  Between these two accounts were six days of silence.  What happened during these six days was not revealed.  We have no record of what transpired. These days are a mystery to us.  

Their silence is like white fire.  The Midrash relates that when Moses recorded the Torah, the words were like black fire upon white fire.  Indeed, the sacred words of scripture were so powerful, they may have appeared as fiery black letters.  

But, the fiery letters did not rest upon the white space of the page.  They rested upon white fire. This idea implies that even the space around each biblical letter contained a glorious fire.  White fire was the Shekinah, the spiritual essence of the Almighty, while the black fire of the letters communicated His words.  

These six days in Matthew 17:1 are like white fire.  They are silent, and do not contain words.  Yet, they serve as the white fire for the words which precede it in Matthew 16, and the words which follow in Matthew 17.  They are the foundation for the Transfiguration.  They are white fire, and vital part of the Messianic Matrix.  White fire is silent.  But, it contains the Divine Presence the Almighty, and His kingdom plan, the very plan He was about to reveal in the Transfiguration which followed. 

The silent part of our day can be as white fire, for the purpose of supporting the black fire of scripture, and the black fire of our lives.

Published May 2, 2017