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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

It Takes a Kehillah

There comes a time when individual prayer is not enough.  A community of believers must come together and collectively implore the Almighty to answer fervent prayer.  This type of prayer is kehillah prayer, meaning community.

When King Solomon dedicated the magnificent Temple he built as God’s dwelling place, he invited thousands of people to join him.  The multitude included all the priests who ministered before the Lord, the leaders of all the tribes of Israel, and hundreds of thousands of guests.   

Solomon led the prayers.  Although he was the one praying, the entire community was grateful, and their unity magnified his thanksgiving prayer.  As a kehillah, they were corporately thankful for a praying king, a Temple, and each other.

Another Bible character, Esther, fasted to save her people.  But, she did not fast alone.  She asked all the Jews in the capital of the empire to fast with her.  During three days of fasting, a multitude of prayers went up. They fasted as a kehillah, a unified community seeking divine favor and deliverance.

Published March 7, 2017