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Marked by His Name

Marked by His Name

October 13, 2016

The Assyrian Empire is known for its record-keeping.  The Assyrians even recorded the names of the Northern Israelites they forced into exile in the eighth century BCE. 

Officials in the empire had two ways of distinguishing a captive as an Israelite.  Sometimes they placed an ethnicon, a mark indicating they were from Samaria, next to their names.  More often, however, they identified the people of Northern Israel with the Divine Name of YHVH. 

Assyria added a syllable to beginning or end of Israelite names – a cuneiform version of “iah” or “yah.”  This officially indicated that the Israelite exiles belonged to the God of Israel.  Even though their Heavenly Father had roared like a lion against them and punished them for their sins, they were still His people.  And, the Assyrians wanted to identify them in this way.

What a remarkable picture.  Our own journey through life may take us far from Him.  Yet, we have the ability to turn around and go back, just as we have done in the past ten Days of Awe.  The result of repentance is exceeding joy (Luke 15:7). 

This explains why the Season of Our Joy is about to begin.  We rejoice during the Feast of Tabernacles because heaven is rejoicing.  Straying people have returned to God!  Chag Sameach, joyous festival!

Published October 13, 2016