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The Crown

A bowl appears above Zechariah’s Menorah in Zechariah 4:2.  The Hebrew word is gullah.  Gullah means bowl.  But, it can also mean crown.  The word gullah is connected to two cognate words.  Together, these three Hebrew words reveal the secret of Zechariah’s mystical Menorah.

Cognates are related words which sound similar, and are spelled nearly identically.  By inference, their meanings are related as well.  Gullah is related to the cognate words golah and geulah.   

Gullah.  Golah.  Geulah.  They sound similar in Hebrew and English, and are spelled almost identically:

Gullah – Crown   גלה

Golah – Exile   גולה

Geulah – Redemption   גאלה

Gullah means crown.  Golah means exile.  Geulah means redemption.  As cognate words, they must be connected.  Let’s discover the connection.  

Gullah, the Menorah’s crown, points to the crown of King Messiah.  Yeshua is the crown over the Children of Israel.  He accompanied them into golah, or exile.  When they went into exile in Babylon, the Crown of His Presence went with them.  The Israelites were driven to Babylon, but they did not go alone. The Messiah was the crown above them, to bless them there (Jeremiah 29:11).

The gullah or crown went into golah, or exile.  There He accomplished their geulah, or redemption.  Scripture abounds with patterns of exile and redemption.   The Almighty permits exile as punishment for disobedience.  But, He redeems from exile.  Redemption always follows exile for the people of the Most High God.

The new Secrets of the Menorah explores this connection, and many others.  It features discussion questions and an answer key, so that we will study to show ourselves approved (2 Timothy 2:15).

Published June 1, 2017