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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

Thunder is a Teaching

Can the Almighty be a Comforter when He  speaks with thunder?  Can He be a Healer when He roars?  Behind His terrifying thunder is a teaching of the highest order.  Thunder is His teaching because only the Most High can generate a sound like this.  

Naturally, thunder confuses and routes enemies.  But, for those of us who call Him “Father,” His thunder is a cleansing purifier (a mikveh or ritual bath) to wash away the dross.  If thunder can shake the desolate wilderness, strip forests bare, twist mighty oaks, and shatter tall trees (Psalm 29), it can eliminate the idols which have become towering fabrications inside us.

On Mount Sinai, Moses spoke and God responded with thunder.  He did not say, “Hey Moshe, isn’t it great that we can hang out together?  Now that Egyptian slavery is over and done with, you and your kinsmen can just chill with me in the wilderness.” 

Instead, He responded with thunder in Exodus 19:19.  The top of Sinai was set ablaze with the smoke and fire of His presence.  The mountain trembled and so did the Israelites as He shook the influence of Egypt out of them.  Before this encounter, He required them to wash their clothing as a symbol of the new spiritual garments which were coming.

The Hebrew word for thunder describes this scene.  Thunder means to cause trembling.  In the quaking which accompanied His voice, the House of Jacob was being stripped of its old Egyptian ways, and learning to recognize the only One who is a place of refuge in the Time of Jacob's Trouble.  

May we again “see” His voice the way they did, and enter the door of His thundering mountain to find shelter in Him.

Published January 11, 2017