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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

Thunder, Lightning, and More

When we are still, we may hear thunder speak on behalf of our glorious King.  Thunder surpasses all other sounds in magnitude.  An average thunderstorm, for instance, releases 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy - just a hint of the power contained in God’s voice.  

At one pilgrim feast, Samuel was offering up an olah, a whole burnt offering on the altar.  This was the day when the Philistines learned to appreciate the thundering voice of Elohim.  Anxious to crush the Hebrews, they rushed suddenly into the midst of the festival crowd. 

The Israelites were celebrating.  Like the Yom Kippur War of 1973, they were unprepared to resist an enemy onslaught.  “Please Samuel,” they cried, “pray for divine intervention to save us from our enemies.”  

Samuel prayed, and he was answered with such a tremendous storm of thunder and lightning, the Philistines were panic-struck and confused.  They fled in sheer terror.  

In the thunder, the Israelites recognized the voice of the Great I Am.  It encouraged them to rush courageously against their foe and commit such immense havoc, the Philistines did not recover for two decades.  This resounding victory, brought by the voice of the Almighty, secured peace and independence for Israel for twenty years (1 Samuel 7:10). 

In writing the history of the battle, Josephus said that the thunder came with lightning which flashed in their faces and shook weapons out of their hands.  But there was more.  An earthquake caused gaps in the earth into which they fell (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, l. 6. c. 2. sect. 2). 

As we listen for His voice this year, we may hear His thunder.  If it is the appointed time, we will hear His thunder and watch all nature respond.

Published January 5, 2017