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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

When Blessings Come in Dreams

Among God-Wrestlers and God-Fearers, a belief in dreams tends to be the rule.  A disregard of dreams is the exception.  Most dreams are visions of things which transpire in our everyday, mundane lives.  But, on very rare occasions, dreams mean much more.

Jacob served his father-in-law Laban with all his strength for twenty years.  He lost sleep attempting to fulfill his shepherd duties to the best of his ability.  By day, he was consumed with heat.  By night, he was consumed with cold.  If a creature was torn by wild beasts, or stolen under cover of darkness, Jacob personally bore the loss.  Despite these hardships, he tended the flocks so meticulously, they increased without miscarriage.

Laban failed to show gratitude to Jacob for his fine service.  He changed Jacob’s wages ten times, and deceptively removed the striped, speckled and spotted goats from the flock after agreeing to make them Jacob’s salary.

God saw Laban’s treatment of Jacob.  He saw Jacob’s affliction, and thankless labor.  So, He intervened in two dreams to assist him.  First, He revealed in a dream how to increase the number of goats with markings (Genesis 31:10).  Second, he warned Laban not to harm or berate Jacob. 

As with Jacob, the Almighty meets us at the place of our struggle.  He comes with blessings, sometimes in dreams.  Berakah, the Hebrew word for blessing, means good, praise, adoration, and a treaty of peace. 

Tending Laban’s flocks was a place of great hardship for Jacob.  Therefore, Jacob’s blessing began with the flock.  From the moment he dreamed about the flock, his prosperity, favor, and salary began to increase.

Let’s not overlook the benefits of the Almighty just because they come to us in dreams.

Published December 28, 2016