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Valerie Moody is a Bible teacher who provides excellent information on the Bible and how it applies to your life.

The Good Side of Tammuz

One quiet night last week, the month of Tammuz arrived.  This month was not calm for Ancient Israel.  Tammuz brought the Israelites to the abyss.  The direst calamities befell Israel at this time.  Five horrendous disasters ensued.  

Tammuz was a month for breaking the Tablets of the Law which were written in Adonai’s own hand.  It was the moment for betraying Him with a Golden Calf.  It was the season when the daily offerings ended.  It was the occasion for King Manasseh to impiously install an idol in the Temple sanctuary.  It was the date when the walls around Jerusalem were breached twice, leading to the destruction of both Temples.

Shattered lives?  Yes.  Broken dreams?  Absolutely.  But, through grace and the power of Adonai’s truth, Israel climbed back up.  His people were challenged to grow; to accept His perspective; to see beyond earth’s horizon; to understand that He is good; to anticipate the coming of Messiah; and to discover the divine inspiration of the Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit). 

History is actually His-Story.  So, enormous blessing came to Israel in the month of Tammuz.  It was the month of Joseph’s birth (traditionally).  It was the occasion when the sun stood still for Joshua (Joshua 10:11-14).  It was the season for destroying the Golden Calf (Exodus 32:20).  It was the moment that the severe Sadducean penal code was abolished (Megillath Ta’anit). 

In Hebrew thinking, the place of trouble is a juncture or crossroad.  In this venue one discovers the key for returning.  The locale of failure, sin, or loss is precisely where repentance and renewal commence.  The Fast of the Fourth Month is destined to become a table for joy, gladness, and cheerful feasting.  So says Adonai Tzava’ot (Zechariah 8:19).