Hearing the Voice of the great I am


Valerie is passionate about perceiving the “voice” of the Almighty, and the biblical methods in which He communicates to people.  She understands that a person seeking spiritual truth tends to search many varied sources, while avoiding efforts to understand His voice personally.  This led her to create a workshop entitled, “Hearing the Voice of the Great I Am.” 


In this workshop, Valerie teaches the importance of identifying His voice, listening to it, and obeying.  Most everyone will agree that hearing the voice of the Almighty is important and that, on certain occasions, He has made His voice known.  Biblical characters who listened to Him, refusing to be stubborn, were clear about how they heard Him.  A popular example is Balaam, the prophet who opposed the Israelites in the desert.  A talking donkey was sent to him, but the prophet refused to listen.  The young prophet Samuel was awakened three times by His voice before the elderly priest Eli instructed him how to respond when the Almighty speaks.


 In the workshop, Valerie explains the meanings of biblical words for speak, including Hebrew words (like amar, dabar, and tsavah) and Greek words (like lego) in scripture.


She describes the audible voice of the Almighty heard by such characters as Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Miriam, Solomon, and Yeshua at various times.  She answers questions such as:


What is the nature of His voice?

How does He speak in the Bible?

How do people hear Him today?

How does one confirm that the words are true and biblically correct?

How should a person respond when He does speak?

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