Israel and the Menorah


Anyone even casually acquainted with the Bible knows that the physical nation of Israel, its Tabernacle, and its Temple is critical to the Almighty.  For this reason, He provided exquisite instructions to His servant Moses regarding the Menorah.  Valerie expresses a fascination with the Menorah in a book and workshop entitled, “Secrets of the Menorah.”


Her research unveils profound mysteries about the Menorah, the Bible’s most comprehensive symbol.   This image of kingdom order and Temple worship creates a mysterious bond between its light and the sevenfold nature of the Almighty’s Divine Presence.  The radiant light of the Menorah also points to wisdom, knowledge, righteousness, the word of the Almighty, and the Tree of Life. 


Yeshua is connected to the Menorah as the central branch holding all things together.  He stands at the center, just as He is the central figure in history, surrounded by the six Menorah branches and the six millennia in the ages of man.


Where is the Menorah today?  Valerie examines this and many other questions associated with the lampstand, providing provocative answers. 

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