Footsteps of the Covenants

55 sites in Israel! $3,995

Join us in Israel for the Footsteps of the Covenants Tour.   We visit all of Israel's major sites, from south to north.  The tour offers insightful teaching, prophetic understanding, worship, and new friendships with Israelis.  Each traveler receives a four-color book of all tour teachings, and a DVD with packing tips.  Join us for a divine appointment in Israel, as we discover our spiritual heritage and are forever changed.

israel tour october 17 to 30, 2015

Experience all the Drama and Majesty of Israel

The Covenants Footsteps Tour is a journey to the land of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus or Yeshua. Here the Promised Savior taught the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Here, the Final Redemption occurs.  This is one-bus tour with limited seating, that uncovers hidden sites and ancient paths.  The tour offers a life-changing experience of worship, new insight, new friendships, and a full color book of all  tour teachings. 

We visit the Knesset and Independence Hall as ambassadors for the Messiah.  We volunteer in Samaria as a bridge of restoration to the Jewish people.  We explore biblical sites where rocks cry out.

On the shoulders of Jerusalem, we see the same panoramas of  Benjamin’s and Judah’s land that kings and prophets saw.  We follow the Tribes of Israel to Mount Gerizim, to declare God’s blessings.  At the Spring of Harod, we worship where God reduced Gideon’s Army to a chosen few.  In Zippori, we walk the village that Joseph and Jesus (Yeshua) may have helped build.  At Safed, we view the Galilee from Israel’s highest mountain.  In the Valley of Elah, we take our stand against Goliath, alongside David. 

At the epicenter of God’s Kingdom in Jerusalem, we visit the living waters: the pool stirred by an angel where Yeshua healed a lame man; Hezekiah’s pool where the High Priest drew water for the Temple altar; and the newly uncovered Gihon Spring House where Solomon became king and future waters will gush to the Dead Sea.

We stop at the courtyard pavement of Antonia Fortress where Roman soldiers crowned Yeshua with Atad branches, and played the Basalinda game.  We follow His crucifixion through the Lion’s Gate, and across the Kidron Valley.  We rededicate ourselves under a chuppah in the Garden of Gethsemane, enter the Temple Mount, and sing at the Kotel on Kabbalat Shabbat. 

We discover the Red Heifer sacrifice site on the Mount of Olives, and discuss Yeshua’s sacrifice, resurrection, and return on the Mount of Resurrection.  We stroll the Kidron Valley past the tombs of royalty, prophets, and priests.  

We circle Jerusalem, the city that bears God’s Name, to explore Bethel, Ramah of Samuel, Gibeah of Saul, Simeon’s Tomb, Ramah of David, Rachel’s Tomb, and Migdal Eder where angels informed shepherds of the Messiah Yeshua's birth.

Covenant Footsteps takes you from Jeroboam’s altar at Dan, to the Cave of John the Baptist in Judea.  Explore with us, and rekindle your love for the Bible.

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Garden of Gethsemane

Garden of Gethsemane