Footsteps of the Covenants

55 sites in Israel! $3,995

Join us in Israel for the Footsteps of the Covenants Tour.   We visit all of Israel's major sites, from south to north.  The tour offers insightful teaching, prophetic understanding, worship, and new friendships with Israelis.  Each traveler receives a four-color book of all tour teachings, and a DVD with packing tips.  Join us for a divine appointment in Israel, as we discover our spiritual heritage and are forever changed.

Custom Travel Book

When you travel with the Covenant Footsteps Tour you receive a four color custom travel book absolutely free.  The book contains all of the teachings given on the tour.  It also has as key history and color photos of each site.  

The book is yours to keep.

Here are some sample pages from our 2012 travel book.  

Ancient Paths

City of David



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Packed with information -

Our travelers believe their custom travel book is an excellent resource for months - and even years - after their trip.  It contains hard to find information, illustrations, photographs, and teachings.  Below is a description of some of its features:

Ancient Paths

Ancient Paths is the chapter that describes the three major highways of the biblical world:  the Way of the Sea Highway, the Path of the Patriarchs, and the King's Highway.  These highways are important because geography affects history.  A strategic military position, abundant water supply, or easy traveling terrain determined where historical and biblical events occurred. 

Ancient highways are a rich chain of biblical sites.  Abraham traveled the Kings' Highway in hot pursuit of the armies who attacked Sodom, and seized his nephew Lot.  Joseph walked the Path of the Patriarchs to check on his brothers.  Merchants on the Way of the Sea Highway bought Joseph and took him to Egypt. 

This section is full of pictures and maps to put our adventure into context.

History of Israel

The book ends with the history of Israel from 4004 BCE, up to the present year.  This chapter summarizes the history of Israel and the Hebrew people in 25 unique time periods, and includes modern discoveries and inventions in the 20th and 21st centuries.  

Day by Day Chapters

Our tour days begin with a psalm and a prayer, which are recorded in the custom travel book.  The book features much bonus material.  Here are some of our travelers' comments:

“Not a single minute you spent putting this book together was wasted.  I will cherish this book forever and go back to it again and again.”
“This is awesome!  Thank you so much for putting together this information.  This is exactly everything I wanted to give to my family who doesn't know anything about Israel or the Bible.”
“I am still using my travel book now that I am home.  It helps me prepare my own Bible teachings to share with others.  I will be using this book for years to come.”


 If you travel with the Footsteps of the Covenants Tour in 2015,

you will receive the custom travel book absolutely free as a remembrance

of all you experienced and learned on the tour.  

You will find yourself using the travel book long after the tour is over

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Garden of Gethsemane

Garden of Gethsemane