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Feasts of Adonai, Why Christians should look at the Biblical Feasts

Feasts of Adonai Cover cropped.jpg
Feasts of Adonai Cover cropped.jpg

Feasts of Adonai, Why Christians should look at the Biblical Feasts


The Feasts of Adonai reveals how the festivals were celebrated at the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, how they are celebrated in Jewish synagogues and homes today, and how believers in Jesus or Yeshua can celebrate these holy days. This book is thorough, yet easy to understand. Nearly 100 charts, menus, and recipes make this the most comprehensive feast book today.

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The best known of her works is her comprehensive treatment of the biblical festivals.  Her research on this interesting subject began when she unexpectedly encountered Yeshua (Jesus), the Hebrew Messiah.  Her readers say it best:

A copy of The Feasts of Adonai was given to me last year for Passover.  It is clearly written, well researched, and thoroughly enjoyable!  Having been out of the loop most of my life, I was grateful to find a clear and simple presentation of the meaning, symbolism and background of the Feasts.  The book includes basic traditional recipes, songs, and a comprehensive Jewish calendar as well.  Valerie Moody writes in a way that encourages the reader to recognize the spiritual implications of each feast and to celebrate our faith and commitment to God. I highly recommend this book.
By E. H., October 26, 2010

Another delighted reader wrote:

I truly appreciate The Feasts of Adonai.  I'm awed by the book.
As Christians, we are supposed to walk in the footsteps of Christ.  Christ honored and celebrated the Holy Days (the 7 Feast Days) of Leviticus 23 and the Saturday Sabbath as given by God.  Now I know the history and symbolism of the Holy Days, their significance to Christianity, and, in detail, how to celebrate them.  The feast days of the people are also detailed in the book.
Included are the accompanying prayers for the Holy Days and the feast days of the people in English, and quite a few also in Hebrew.  (I would have appreciated ALL of the prayers in English AND Hebrew, with an accompanying Hebrew pronunciation guide.)
The Feasts of Adonai is "comprehensive," but simple to follow; it's PROFOUND in meaning.