Valerie Moody

Valerie moody

Valerie Moody brings a unique perspective and approach to Bible study and teaching.  She has a comprehensive knowledge of the scriptures.  Her studies are accurate, thoughtful, thorough, and engaging.  With her kind and courteous approach, her teachings help everyone learn the message the Almighty is bringing to the world.

A person does not need to be a Bible scholar to understand Valerie.  Her teachings are orderly and comprehensive.  She takes the attitude of a journalist with the heart of a believer.  She reports the facts and not just her opinions.   One reviewer of her work said, “The book, 'The Feasts of Adonai,' is presented factually and peaceably, not with a heart of confrontation, or correction.  What a blessing to have someone with Valerie's heart and gift of teaching share so much!”

Each teaching is the result of many hours of scholarly research and reflection.  She writes and teaches with the guidance of Elohim’s Holy Spirit.  She provides a deeper understanding of all aspects of the scriptures, including historical perspectives and the hidden message found in the multiple layers of the Hebrew language. 

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