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Deborah and Dabar -- The Power of Words

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Deborah and Dabar -- The Power of Words


Word Warriors, the Power of DaVar.  DaVar is the Spoken Word which has the power to create. 

In the Beginning, when our Heavenly Father said, “Let there be light,” Yehi Ohr, what happened?  There was light.  His words became the mechanism which created the light.  Words were the Tool of Creation.  


Psalm 33:6 states,
By the word of ADONAI the heavens were made, and their whole host by a breath from his mouth.  

The word for word here is DaVar.  DaVar is verbal, audible speech.  So, words spoken aloud have the power to establish and forge our world.  Creative power is unleashed through speech.

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When Elohim formed Man in Genesis 2:7, he becomes a Nephesh ChaYah.  He is not just a Living Being, but a person with desires, passions, appetites, emotions, and a VOICE.

Man is a new species.  Verbal interaction makes him uniquely different from all other living creatures on earth.  Animal lovers insist that animals communicate, too.  

This is true to an extent.  But, only man has the ability to analyze what is happening in the world, while maintaining a distinct sense of who He is.  Only man makes philosophical statements, for instance.

For this reason, Hebrew teachers add another category to the three classifications of Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable.  The fourth category is SPEAKER.   

We have a spark of the Divine Creator inside us, and are made in His image.  Therefore, You and I have the ability to create like He does, through the Power of Speech.  We speak, and things happen - maybe not right away.  But, our words are forceful, even when we whisper.

On the one hand, this makes perfect sense.  On the other hand, how can this be true?  Yeshua says in Matthew 12:36 that we are judged for every idle word we speak.  So, evidently, He believes our words affect our world.  

Scripture reveals the remarkable truth that power resides in our mouths.  Once a pronouncement is made, spoken words influence destinies, nations, and redemption.  

When Elohim changed Avram’s and SaRYE’s names to Abraham and Sarah, they were suddenly equipped to become parents of many nations.  Their names became the prophetic conduit for this to occur.  

When Moses changed HoshayA’s name to Yehoshuah or Joshua, he was suddenly empowered. Joshua means Yah is my salvation.  Every time he heard his name spoken out loud, he recalled that Yah was enabling him to complete the mission Moses couldn’t.  That is, to reach the Promised Land, cross the river, and conquer Canaan.

When the Almighty told Avraham to name his son Yitz’chak or Isaac, which means Laughter, it affected the child and his parents.  Abraham laughed.  Sarah laughed.  And later, Isaac laughed as he sported with his wife Rebecca.

The Hebrew language attributes power to names.  Hebrew people who are dangerously ill take an additional name, just to improve their health.  A Jewish man may add Chaim to his name, while a Jewish woman adds Chaya, since Chaim and Chaya mean Long Life.  Or, men may take the name Rafael, and women Rafaela, since these names mean Cure.

Not long ago, an article in the Wall Street Journal reported that the people of Thailand, when faced with misfortune, often change their names to enhance their opportunities.  They believe a better name will change their circumstances.  Booming new businesses in Thailand have been established just to advise Thai people how to choose new names. 

People believe that DaVar, the spoken word, can transform the intangible into something tangible.  Once they are spoken, words generate actions.