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The Jubilee that Turned the Course of History


The Jubilee that Turned the Course of History


The Jubilee That Turned the Court of History

The Jubilee Year is not a treasure hidden in the earth.  It is a treasure hidden in time.  The whole arrangement of time in scripture works toward the Yovel or Jubilee Year.  In other words, biblical time ascends upward to the Jubilee in a never-ending cycle.

Biblical time is sacred.  It begins with the Shabbat or weekly Sabbath.  This seventh day is the capstone of each week.  From the weekly Sabbath, counting the weeks leads to the Sabbath of Weeks – the seventh week which is called the Feast of Weeks in English; Shavuot in Hebrew; and Pentecost in Greek.  Continuing the count of biblical days and months, we ascend to the Sabbath of Months – the seventh month is the crest of the year. 

Time climbs further to the Sabbath of Years – the seventh year or Shemittah.  Finally, biblical time arrives at the Sabbath of Sabbatical years.  It reaches the pinnacle year which follows seven Sabbatical years.  This pinnacle year is the Yovel, the Year of Jubilee. 

Thus all Biblical time points forward and upward by sevens.  Time ascends in a spiral to a weekly Sabbath, a Sabbath month, a Sabbath year, and a Sabbath which crowns seven Sabbath years.  This is important for Bible believers since the word Shabbat is not a noun.  It is a primitive verb.  It means to cease from striving; desist from labor and activity; and rest.  There remains a Sabbath rest (sabattismos) for the people of the Most High according to Hebrews 4:9.  There remains a Sabbath-keeping for the people of Elohim.  The Greek word is sabattismos signifying an intentional keeping of the Sabbath.

Counting time biblically is prophetic.  It pinpoints key events in biblical history  and Israel’s history.  It describes majestic seasons, particularly the season of Yeshua’s return to earth.  After sixteen centuries, the Sanhedrin is now counting the years to next Jubilee. 

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